The Divine Nature Network (DNN) is a international movement of Christian believers who recognize that “There’s Got To Be More!”  Many are dissatisfied with church as we know it in America and are frustrated by the limitations presented by religion.  The Divine Nature Network is a voice calling Christians to a higher place in God.  A place of transformation into becoming ‘like Christ’!  A place where the Kingdom of God can be manifest on earth as it is in Heaven.

SONY DSCThe Divine Nature Network is led by ++Archbishop P. Gregory Schell.  ++Archbishop Schell, along with his wife Sunny, is the founder of Imago Dei (Latin for Image of God) Global Communities based in Denver, Colorado.  He is nationally and internationally known for his charismatic speaking gift, which has motivated Christians around the globe.  ++Archbishop is the founder and leader of the communion of churches in the Christian Orthodox Church of America.