Advent greetings from the Cathedral here in Denver, Colorado.  So far, are two weeks into this season which is the period of anticipation for the arrival of our Lord.  While the reality is, He is always here with us (even within us), we often do not pay attention to this divine reality!  I have had a chance to minister the past two Sundays at the Cathedral and it has been awesome!

Awesome in two ways.   The anticipation for the delivery of the Word of God by those in attendance as well as those who are tuning in around the world.  Secondly, the work (study and preparation) that goes on during the week.  I am realizing that the way to best learn something is to teach it!

The first Sunday of Advent we acknowledged the HOPE we have in Christ.  We said Hope is, H.aving O.ur P.erception E.nhanced!

The second Sunday of Advent (yesterday), we observed that LOVE involved L.istening O.bserving V.aluing E.veryone!

I also challenged those in attendance to build in action points that accompany the message.  Too many times, we hear sermons and fail to apply the message to daily life.  There are a few things you can do this week to apply the two acronyms listed above.

Notice your breath!  Right now you can breath in and breath out.  I know we do this all the time but do we realize we are doing it all the time?  Noticing the most basic element of human life is an incredibly powerful tool for transformation.

Notice your thoughts!  Thoughts come and go like ships in a harbor.  Often we allow our thoughts to wander to and fro where ever they want to go.  However, the untamed mind can be very dangerous.

Blessing and peace to you this Advent Season and may God continue to grace you as you practice the Holy faith!!!

In Christ,

Fr. Anthony+