The Sacraments in the COCOA

The Christian Orthodox Church of America celebrates what are commonly known as the “seven sacraments.” These sacraments are shared by both eastern and western apostolic traditions. The Sacraments are:

[ Baptism | Eucharist | Chrismation | Reconciliation

Holy Matrimony | Holy Orders | Anointing of the Sick]

It should be noted that while the eastern church fully recognizes the seven sacraments, it also believes that there are many more things that can be considered “sacramental.” To learn more about the Sacraments in the COCOA read on.

What is a Sacrament?

In Latin the word sacrament literally means “to make holy.” This is different from the Greek term “mysterion” used by most Orthodox theologians. Mysterion, as you may have already guessed, is where the English word “mystery” originates. As we will see, these different terms contribute to different understandings concerning the holy signs observed by the church.